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Advertising Inflatables

Advertising Inflatables for Sale

We manufacture, provide, rent and sell advertising inflatables. Check our quality workmanship, materials and some of the best prices available.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for giant balloons, promotional blimps and advertising inflatables.

yellow color T-Rex advertising inflatable-advertising inflatables for promotions

25ft. T-Rex advertising inflatables for sale or rent.


Cold-air advertising balloons like the T-Rex above provide a huge promotional device for your store or event.

advertising balloon with logo

Helium advertising balloons made in the USA.

We manufacture the highest quality helium advertising balloons available and they cost no more than cheap PVC balloons. We use polyurethane to make our balloons. Polyurethane was developed for use in the USA space program. Polyurethane cost six to seven times more per pound that PVC which is used by other balloon manufacturers. Our polyurethane is specifically developed to be light but strong and highly helium retentive.

These products will increase the visibility, traffic and sales to your business, sale, event or trade show. Easy to use, long life span and very easy to use.

Do you need a giant inflatable product replica or one of our stock inflatables? Have the giant inflatable you need or want at the fraction of the cost of some other providers. Contact us at 1-800-791-1445 for more information. Send us your drawing or image and let us give you the best price on a quality inflatable.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for the highest quality and best prices on inflatables and product replicas.


Where Can I Buy Advertising Blimps?

Where Can I Buy Advertising Blimps?

If you are looking for large helium blimps for advertising you should check here.

These blimps come in sizes ranging from 11 feet long to 30 feet long and are used most frequently for local businesses and events to bring customers into their place of business.

dvertising blimp shape with logo

11 ft. long blimps are $461.00 and artwork and logos are available for an additional charge.

These blimp balloons are made of a special polyurethane material that was originally developed for NASA. It is lightweight, retains helium and its color much better than PVC.

Made in the USA by Arizona Balloon Company for over 15 years and used by hundreds of businesses worldwide. These blimp balloons require much less helium than blimps made of PVC or nylon.

Email for more information.



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Big Balloons for Sale Now

Big Balloons For Sale Now

We manufacture big balloons for sale in the USA.

6 ft helium advertising balloon

Big Balloons Get Results!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on big balloons.

These are very effective for holiday promotions and events. Many colors and sizes available. The most popular sizes are our 6 ft. and 7ft. spheres and 14 ft. blimp.

We ship worldwide.


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Giant balloons are Noticed Instantly

Giant balloons are Noticed Instantly

Giant balloons are instantly noticeable, no doubt about it, when people are walking or driving past or doing anything for that matter.

Walking or driving by, no matter the mood
Even if people are walking or driving by in a blue mood and they suddenly come across your giant, beautiful and creative balloon, they are bound to take notice of it, of that you need have no doubt at all. These people will not only notice your balloon, but they will become delighted and lose their feelings of gloom.

beautiful helium balloon jester shape

Balloons Get Noticed

People who are filled with gloom will see these beautiful balloons and they will thus be enveloped by delightful thoughts and feelings. The strange truth is that we live in a world filled with all kinds of modern innovations but something as simple as balloons will delight people to the max.

Giant balloons touch the human heart

These big balloons are guaranteed to touch the human heart and arouse feelings of joy. But at the same time, because of these good feelings that are created, they will thus also increase awareness of your product and services. And not only that, but they will also increase your sales.
And these balloons are now a big hit with big as well as small advertisers because of the affordability factor and various other reasons.

These big balloons are very affordable

The normal means of advertising such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc., are extremely costly. Though big advertisers with million dollar budgets are able to afford to spend on such expensive advertising media, this is not possible for small time advertisers with small budgets.
Another big issue with all these advertising media is that they are no longer as effective as what they used to be. After all, the main purpose of any ad is to capture the attention of people, and if the ad does not do it, it is just money being wasted.
Not appealing anymore
People just do not find the ads that they see on TV or in the newspapers and magazines, or hear on the radio or see on billboards, appealing anymore. Thus, spending money in such advertising media is just a total waste and it does not make any sense to do so.
Thus it makes more sense for you to choose an advertising media that people will look at and also, one that does not cost you a fortune to advertise. And with Giant balloons, you are guaranteed to have the best of both worlds.

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Advertising Balloons Put a Stop to Big Ad Spending

Advertising Balloons for Promotions

Advertising balloons put a STOP to big ad spending.
Advertising balloons are just great for you if you have been spending (WASTING!) a fortune in trying different methods of advertising and promoting your business.

The answer to all your advertising and promotional miseries.

7 ft. in diameter red advertising balloons

Advertising Balloons Get Results — NOW!

Perhaps you are one of those people who have been spending huge amounts of money in different media, in order to promote and advertise your business. If this is the case, then you have been missing out on a means of advertising and promotion that could really skyrocket your business…
Advertising with gigantic balloons! These huge balloons are a simple but fantastic way for you to promote your business. Today, all over the world, big and small companies are making use of giant printed balloons to convey their message to people. And the best part about this form of advertising is that it has proved to be very successful.

Advertising balloons – a highly successful form of advertising.

These giant balloons are a big hit with marketers and advertisers – big and small – all over the world, as they are a proven success. These balloons are now widely and readily accepted as a highly successful method of getting the message across – to the right audience – your target audience!
And the great PLUS with these advertising balloons is that they are so very easy to set up almost anywhere that you like – even outside your shop or atop your rooftop – if you so desire! You can bet on it that when you use these huge balloons to advertise your biz, you will never regret the decision as these balloons have the power to give you that edge that you need for your biz, in today’s highly competitive market.

Advertising Balloons: No matter what the event or the place.

Irrespective of whether you are putting up these huge balloons at a trade show or at an exhibition or outside your shop or in an empty field, these giant balloons will always give you good returns on your investment.

huge 8 ft. helium balloon

Huge Balloons from $169.00

You can very effectively and efficiently promote the visibility of your brand – new or old, it does not matter – by using these giant promotional balloons. All you need to do is just put your logo on these massive balloons, that’s all there is to it! Even better, you can have large advertising balloons made in the shape of your company logo – ensuring maximum visibility and promotion for your brand name and your company – without the exorbitant costs associated with other advertising media.

Advertising Balloons Put a Stop to Big Ad Spending is a post from: Advertising Balloons

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